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HCPM works for you to improve your administration, billing, corporate compliance, marketing and human resource systems with the goal of achieving better practice profitability

How HCPM Can Help Improve Your Practice's Finances

Common in-house medical billing challenges HCPM can help with:

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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management​

RCM is a full team approach to your practice’s financial success. We work collectively beginning with your front office and all clinical staff along with HCPM’s professionals to capture the revenue for all of the services you provide.


Insurance credentialing is the process of verifying the academic qualifications and clinical practice history of a provider in order to establish a contract for inclusion with health insurance networks. Our professionals know what is required for each unique application and will follow through to completion.



HCPM provides fully customized consulting services to physician practices and attorneys. Our services include chart audits, financial analytical services, denial management, compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations, remote workforce optimization, staff training, and revitalizing outdated processes and software inadequacies

Real Time Reporting

The added value of knowledge about your practice’s financial health is what will be the driver to your success. HCPM utilizes a Business Intelligence Reporting tool that will provide you with the data you need in various formats. Together, we will be able to use this data to further improve business decision and performance.

Chart Audits

The knowledge and understanding of medical coding are critical as it impacts accurate reimbursement and compliance. Our experts provide an in-depth review of charts through an audit in which provider documentation is evaluated for completeness, accuracy and compliance of coding to include CPT, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS and modifier usage. HCPM will compile our research and results and provide feedback based on our findings. We are here to provide coding education for your chart auditing needs.

Electronic Health/Medical Records

Electronic Health Record [EHR] and Electronic Medical Record [EMR] both play a vital role in the healthcare industry. EMR’s are a digital version of paper patient charts. EHR’s contain more information and they are interoperable, meaning different systems can share and use data with each other. HCPM can help you determine what EHR/EMR system is best suited to meet your needs as a provider, while also having the flexibility in your decision to work with your current EHR/EMR system.

Patient Statements

HCPM invested in a modern and simplified patient payment system to manage, track, and pay bills all in one place. By saving on additional postage cost, patient’s are reminded via text or email of their outstanding statement and can effortlessly pay a bill through a direct link or QR code. The interface allows for full visibility and detailed patient statements resulting in increased patient and provider satisfaction.


Since 1992, at the inception of our business, HCPM has always valued the investment towards educational courses and certifications to continue advancing ourselves and others. Through in-person or online seminars, we can provide education for revenue cycle management, medical coding, and industry and payer changes.